Many people believe that martial arts practice is all about learning self-defense, how to subdue your opponent and make them surrender in only a few moves. But there is more to martial arts than meets the eye. It is a culture that embodies a philosophy or a lifestyle to some people. Most importantly, martial arts practice is a good form of physical exercise with many health benefits listed below.

It helps in losing weight.

One of the reasons many people embrace martial arts in Calgary is that it helps with weight loss. It is a moderate-intensity physical exercise that helps you burn more than 500calories in a single class. The movements involved in martial arts are intense, and you can lose weight when you practice two to three times a week consistently. It aligns with the CDC recommendation, roughly two and a half minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week.

It improves cardiovascular health.

According to CDC, only one in five individuals meet their exercise standards per week. Staying active helps with cardiovascular health, which is important because it is linked to heart health. During martial arts training, the repetitive movements ramp up your heartbeat, helping you improve cardiovascular endurance. The only meaningful way to improve your cardiovascular health is to participate in activities that make your heart work hard, and martial arts is one of them.

Enhances your flexibility

Another essential health benefit of martial arts is that it improves your flexibility. High throws, kicks, and acrobatic evasions are some of the martial arts movements requiring mobility and agility. As you practice continuously, they improve your body’s ability to move faster and efficiently. You will even gain more flexibility if your training requires more footwork. Having a flexible body keeps you fit and reduces your susceptibility to injuries.

It improves reflexes

If you observe martial arts students, you will realize that they have a faster reaction time. That is because martial arts practice improves reflexes due to the constant repetition of the movements. Martial artists are trained how to block and dodge the opponent’s attacks, and through the replay, they gain a faster reaction time that helps in day-to-day activities such as driving and cooking.

Controls high blood pressure

Martial arts involve more intense training, which helps your cardiovascular health. The repetitive movements in martial arts are similar to HIIT, which controls high blood pressure and enables you to achieve better heart health.

It improves strength and power.

In martial arts, strength is vital for effective punches and kicks, and therefore it trains your body to become naturally formidable and stronger. For instance, martial arts like taekwondo involve a lot of kicks, punches, and other moves that improve your physical strength over time, and the repetition also improves your musculature.

Improves mental health

Studies have shown that martial arts also improve your mental health, and they allow you to focus on the task at hand, providing you with a distraction from daily stressors. Martial arts have specific philosophies that promote self-discipline, confidence, goal setting, and healthy competition.